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Working on the industry since 2001, Graduated Audiovisual Studies in University of São Paulo in 2008. From TV short-form comedy to interactive advertising websites, My career has always revolved around fast-paced, visually engrossing narratives.

Very at home with different advertising platforms and formats, most of my commercial work focused on digital-first, campaign oriented deliveries and formats, with the TV 30 Second spots being a rare occurrence. 

Usually in one end of extremes, either the super-short Instagram post or the content heavy youtube video, the digital environment helped me develop a style based on both efficient camerawork and solid performances, now also being worked into longer narrative projects.

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Amazonas Film Festival, Audience Awards, A Guerra de Arturo

São Paulo International Short Film Festival, Best of Festival, A Guerra de Arturo, 

Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival , Honorable Mention, A Guerra de Arturo, 

FWA, Favorite Website, Coke Zero Prove

FWA, Favorite Website,  Ford FusionLAB

FWA, Favorite Website,  Electrolux Bluetouch


+55 11 99153 4209


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