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Release date: 2020

Running time: 91 min


Juliano Cazarré

Paolla Oliveira

Renata Sorrah

Paula Cohen

Paulo Tiefenthaler

Aderbal Freire Filho

A thriller set in São Paulo Brazil, about a private security agent who starts to dream of his teeth falling. Somehow those dreams might be related to a string of mysterious deaths around him. Tormented by his dreams he sets on a journey to investigate, his life, his memory and his subconscious.

The debut feature film still features original soundtrack from South Korean composer Mowg and is currently in the last stages of post production, it's release set for 2020. 


Photo from the Book Cachaça, Araquém Alcântara e Manoel Beato


Release date: TBD

Running time: TBD



A Comedy about two sisters in search of the best cachaça ever made. This road movie explores the Estrada Real, the old gold routes of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Beautiful scenery, sugarcane fields, mining sites, historical cities and a plethora of distillers dot the landscape of this heartfelt journey between frugal beauty and environmental collapse.


The film is slated to enter production in the late 2020 and to be released in 2021.

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